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Your Motorcycle Battery: Four Points of Comparison Between Conventional and AGMs

Every motorcycle enthusiast knows that regular bike maintenance is critical. It makes for a safer ride, plus it ensures that all mechanical parts run optimally and last longer. One of the most time consuming aspects of regular riding is caring for the motorcycle battery.A motorcycle battery must be charged regularly in order for the bike to perform properly. (Few things are more annoying to the frequent rider than having his bike die in the middle of traffic.) How frequently it will need to be charged depends on a few things, particularly:* How often you ride.* How long your bike sits between uses.* The type of motorcycle battery you have.The conventional style (sometimes referred to as "flooded") is what you'll find in a majority of bikes. They contain six cells. Each has a positive and a negative charge.The cells are submerged in acid (referred to as the electrolyte), a mix of lead and sulfuric acid. This is what generates electricity when the starter is activated.The second type of motorcycle battery is th...


Things You Need To Know To Get The Most Out Of Your Motorcycle Tires

Every person that drives a car or rides a motorcycle needs to know about tires and how to treat them when you are driving. If you do not know how to properly care for your tires then you should start thinking about maybe learning. It want take you long to learn and it will be helpful when trying to either repair or work on tires.The right size is extremely important. You will want to get the same size tires as you had on your bike before because if you don't the way it handles will be different from when you rode it and drove it around. The tires are either going to be smaller or bigger and in this case they would most likely be bigger.Proper tire pressure is crucial. Pressure increases with temperature. You should check your tires on the regular and you should never leak air from a hot tire. You will also want to learn how to properly change a tire in case of a blow out and I wouldn't think it would look that good if you had a blow out on a bike. You should always know what you're doing before you start to d...


Choosing And Using Atv Ramps

If you've ever crossed the backcountry on an ATV, you know that off-roading is one of the most thrilling of all the extreme sports. You may also know that there's no thrill to moving your ATV from your suburban garage to the back roads without the use of proper ATV ramps.Some people are absolutely lost when it comes to choosing and using ATV ramps. There's really no trick to using ramps, but it does take a little practice to get the procedure just right.The following guidelines will help prepare you for the ramping experience, and walk you through the process. By following these steps, you should have a fairly uneventful experience:Buying the Right RampsThe most common rule of thumb is really common sense. The ramp must be wider than the ATV. Take careful measurements BEFORE you place your order. Having said that, on a wide-runner ramp, the width of your ATV's wheelbase should be used as the reference of the ramp's width. On the other hand, if you prefer a single-runner ramp, the width distance should ...


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